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Popular Courses to Study in New Zealand

by AJV Global
Published on: 21/Sep/2021
Once you opt to study, you decide on what you’ll study. This article conveys the top five courses pursued by international students in New Zealand.


Over the last decade, New Zealand has gained popularity amongst international students, not just for its scenic beauty. And, why not? New Zealand offers world-class study programs and qualifications which are globally recognized and accepted. New Zealand universities rank in the top 500 in QS World University Rankings 2022. Students can extend their stay after completion of the courses with the Post Study Work Visa (PSWV) for one to three years. It boasts of high-quality standards of both life and education

New Zealand is the world’s second safest country to live in. This is an important factor while deciding to migrate considering the contingent and volatile world affairs. The community here is friendly and welcoming irrespective of your background and age. The international students’ circuit has people over 50 years of age too. Here, a student can be a learner regardless of age group. With its wide range of study career-focused and job-ready courses, New Zealand continues to lure international students even during the pandemic.

It is a myth that only courses listed in the Long Term Skill Shortage List have career prospects. The fact is any qualifications for occupations listed in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO), preferably levels one to three, offer career opportunities. Read on to find out the top courses to study in New Zealand.

Business and Management

This is one of the most sought out subjects due to the following reasons:

  • Versatility in terms of eligibility and employment. For example, even if you are coming from a science stream, you can pursue a business course. 
  • Diverse career scope with so many more branches to select under this head like marketing, business analytics, economics, project management, human resource, etc. 
  • Ample opportunities to build wider professional networks. 
  • The experience gained through projects and internships gives a head start in the job market. 
  • Opens up entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Job Prospects:

  • Public Relations and Sales Managers
  • Advertising and Marketing Professionals
  • Business Administration Managers
  • Business and Human Resource Professionals
  • Management and Organisation Analysts
  • Project Manager

Accountancy and Finance

There are many undergraduate and postgraduate study choices available in accounting and finance. This is why you should consider studying accounting and finance in New Zealand:

  • A course in professional accounting prepares you for professional qualifications, and
  • Membership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ), Certified Practising Accountants Australia (CPA Australia), and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).
  • Professional finance courses like applied finance that prepare you for professional membership with Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). 
  • You don’t need to have an accounting qualification or a background to study professional accounting and applied finance. 
  • A variety of job roles in any industry is available 

Job Prospects:

  • Auditors and Company Secretaries
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Valuation Analysts
  • Investment Advisers
  • Finance Managers
  • Financial Brokers and Dealers

 The average annual salary you can earn are: 

  • Accountant - NZ$55602*
  • Chartered Accountant - NZ$71926* 
  • Financial services - NZ$75k*


On successful completion of the defined engineering papers or course, you can apply for an NZ registration as a Chartered Professional Engineer by Engineering New Zealand. Engineers are in demand. Hence, job availability is more, and so is the salary. The average salary for a New Zealand Engineer is NZ$69,374*. More reasons to study engineering here are:

  • The academic curriculum collaborates theory with practical and projects. 
  • Effectively designed programs to make students skilled and competent in the real world. 
  • Small class sizes allow professors to give undivided attention to students. 
  • Tutors are themselves from the industry which further helps students in building ties with engineering professionals. 
  • This stream spans various other subjects in construction management, civil engineering, highway engineering, mechanical engineering, electric and electronic engineering, and software engineering.

Job prospects: 

  • Engineering Managers
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Engineering Trades Workers
  • Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians
  • Engineering Trades Workers

Food, Hospitality and Tourism

New Zealand is renowned for its natural landscapes and picturesque sceneries. This makes it a hot spot for tourists and adventure sports. This industry generates one of the highest revenues for the NZ government. You surely won’t like to miss out on the benefits of mastering culinary arts and practical skills needed to succeed in the Food, Hospitality, and Tourism industry. Benefits include:

  • Multitude job opportunities. 
  • More practical modules than theory
  • Hands-on experiences as student accommodation are generally in a resort or hotel which gives them hands-on experiences as they

The average salary in Travel and Hospitality Services is NZ$59k*. 

Job Prospects:

  • Café and Restaurant Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Chefs
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • Accommodation, Retail, Service, and Hospitality Managers

Computing and Information Technology 

New Zealand's technology sector is large, manifold and progressing keeping in tandem with the global tech demands. You can specialize in areas such as gaming, animation, AI, machine learning, cyber security, data management, UX, creative technology and digital design. Reasons to study this course in New Zealand:

  • Great career outcomes due to its excellent technical education. 
  • Most skills from the shortage list revolve around this particular industry.
  • Courses not reserved for technology geniuses
  • Customized courses for students not from a similar background
  • Superb and seasoned intellectuals as tutors
  • Ample scope to explore research and innovation opportunities in the country. 
  • There are so many different job roles in this industry. 

The average base salary of Information Technology (IT) Services is NZ$71k*. 

Job Prospects:

  • Database and Systems Administrators
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers
  • ICT Trainers, Support and Test Engineers
  • Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers
  • Software and Applications Programmers 
  • Computer Network Professionals
  • Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators

*The figures are from PayScale 2021 data.

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