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Study with New Zealand in 2022

by AJV Global
Published on: 22/Sep/2021
Choose from a list of courses to study from your home country without losing out on the benefits of the Post Study Work Visa. Read on.


New Zealand has been a favorite country for higher education for the past few years. For some it’s the safety, political stability, and excellent governance; for many, it’s the cross-cultural acceptance and friendly locals; for others, it’s the perfect blend of superior quality education, economic growth, and matchless quality of life that attracts them to migrate to this beautiful country.

The pandemic continues and so do the New Zealand border closures for international students. This certainly has disrupted plans, shattered hopes, and raised suspicions. The good news is that this entire situation is temporary and things will get normal but with time. We don't have control over this situation. But, we can be adaptive and effectively manage our immigration plans. While we wait for things to normalize we can prepare and work towards building a strong immigration application and also, go for the online to campus pathway which is offered by the education providers of New Zealand.

What is the online-to-campus route?

If you are currently outside New Zealand, you can begin your studies with an accredited New Zealand education provider now. Progress your studies online and transition to studying the remaining course on campus once you are able to enter New Zealand.

Don’t worry, this won’t affect your eligibility for the Post Study Work Visa as long as you are completing the defined duration of the course on campus in New Zealand. The on-campus study requirement for a level 7 and above qualification is 30 weeks and for levels 4-6 it’s 60 weeks for a Post Study Work Visa. For example, you can begin an 18 months Master’s programme online and complete a minimum of 30 weeks (around 7 months) of the course in New Zealand to be eligible for the Post Study Work Visa. 

Why study online?

Let us explain how you can profit in terms of time and money while maintaining your mental sanity.

  • Study part-time or full-time online. 
  • Flexible learnings that let you attend live classes or you may listen to the recordings later. 
  • Online assessments via coursework submissions. 
  • Continue your existing employment. 
  • Get enough time for other activities.
  • Save on the Student Services Levy for your first semester (around $435 for 60 points).
  • Save on medical and travel insurance for your first semester ($310 for one semester).
  • Reduce living expenses (approx. $1250 per month). 
  • Priority processing of student visa. 
  • You’ll be a part of global online study groups.
  • Excellent networking opportunity with the professors, industry leaders, and other international students. 

Most education providers are offering introductory periods to experience and decide if online learning is right for you. If within this period, you decide not to continue with your online learning, you may defer your Ofer of Place to a later intake or withdraw it with a refund on your tuition fees. We suggest that you understand the education provider-specific policies and refund procedures before enrolling.

What to expect?

Online education doesn’t mean an unrecognized or low-quality qualification.

  • You’ll be receiving world-class teaching and personal support in your online courses as you would on the campuses.
  • A dedicated program manager and a personal tutor will support you throughout.
  • Your progress will be monitored through your engagement and submission of assignments and online learning activities.
  • The qualification received on completion of the study programme, even if the entire course is done online, will be an NZQA recognized qualification. This would certainly add points to your application for a work or residency visa.

What are the essentials?

There is a wide array of courses offered for this pathway – each with its individual entry requirements. The online study can be started once you have accepted the Offer of Place and completed the admission formalities of the respective education provider. Technology requirements would include the right system software and hardware on your PC or laptop, along with a stable internet connection.

You won’t require a visa to study online, overseas. You can apply for a visa once the New Zealand border reopens for international students. Simultaneously, it is strongly advisable that you start preparing for the student visa application like the needed documentation and interview process, to ensure a seamless migration.

Amidst this uncertainty

Given the current global conditions, we encourage you to start your international education online. It is the best way to begin your international education journey, save time, and money. In worst cases, if the border still doesn’t open for your subsequent semester in 2021, you can defer your studies to the next semester’s start date. You won’t lose anything. In fact, you will build on your confidence in achieving your migration goal in a better manner. End of the day, you’ll gain an NZQA* qualification which adds points to your work or residency visa application.

Change the plan, not the goal!

We are here to support you through this erratic time. Our top priority is to ensure that you don’t give up on your New Zealand dreams. Keep your motivation levels high. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You have our back from consultation to settlement; from planning to migration; from enrollment to visa processing.

Explore your study options with our pathfinders.

(*NZQA stands for New Zealand Qualifications Authority. It is the New Zealand government Crown entity tasked with administering educational assessment and qualifications) 

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