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AUT, New Zealand Online to On-Campus Course- Is it for you?

by AUT New Zealand
Published on: 15/Dec/2021
Start your degree online with our career-focused study programmes, then, join us in New Zealand to finish the course on campus when the borders open.


New Zealand is ranked as the world's second most peaceful country in the 2021 Global Peace. Besides picturesque landscapes, the country is popular for its high-quality education and globally recognized qualifications. These and many other reasons prompt students globally each year to choose New Zealand as their study destination. Sadly, COVID-19 disrupted the plans of millions of students who were planning to migrate to New Zealand for education. However, education just like work didn’t come to a standstill. As people started working from home, many students started online study, even for international education.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is one such university that continues to provide study courses to international students currently offshore with a unique approach - a hybrid programme. This article will explain more about the exceptional features and benefits of the hybrid, also referred to as the online to on-campus programme. Read on!

How does it help to do “online to on-campus” study?

Rather than simply await for New Zealand borders to open, start your international education now from the comfort of your home. Why delay your career plan? New Zealand universities have online course options for offshore students but the latest offering by one of New Zealand’s top universities, AUT, follows a hybrid learning model. This model gives the opportunity for students to finish up the course in New Zealand on any of their three campuses in Auckland once the border opens. The quality of the course and study outcomes is not affected, the qualification is NZQA* accredited and you enjoy the best of both worlds. You will benefit from belonging to a university with an international profile that gives you international exposure. Read on for additional benefits:

  • Save on fees and expenses: Reduce medical and travel insurance costs (approx. $310 for one semester), living expenses (approx. $1250 per month), Student Services Levy (around $435 for 60 points).
  • Save time: Part-time and full-time online study options are available. Continue your existing employment. Get enough time for other activities.
  • No visa is needed while studying online.
  • Priority processing of student visas: When the border restrictions are eased, students registered in online courses will be given priority for travel to New Zealand.
  • Boosts visa approval: Future student visa applications will be mitigated by establishing that your genuine reason for traveling to New Zealand is to study (and not for work, etc).
  • Post Study Work Visa: Under the hybrid programme you will be eligible for the Post Study Work Visa (PSWV)** when you complete the mandated period of study on campus, in New Zealand.

Does AUT, New Zealand (Online to On-campus programme) have a good ROI?

We understand the need of the hour and are offering various career-focused online to on-campus study courses. You start your study online with us. Once borders open for international students, you'll have the option of switching to face-to-face learning at any of our three campuses in Auckland. 
AUT is the second-largest university in Aotearoa New Zealand. We have been a university since 2000, but a place of learning for 120 years and operate in accordance with the Education Act (1989). We’re proud to be one of the world’s best modern universities –  Times Higher Education has ranked us in the top 40 universities under 50 years of age and among the top 1% of universities in the world.

  • Exceptional graduates: AUT nurtures and creates graduates who are world-ready; not just career ready.
  • Modern, research-driven university: As a young and agile university, AUT is one of the best modern universities in the world and the second-largest university in New Zealand.
  • World-class Business School: AACSB accredited Business School (top 5% of all International Business Schools).
  • Global Reach: Close links with various industries and the professions globally equate to the high graduate employment rate.
  • World-ranked University: Rated 5-stars for Internationalisation, research, teaching, graduate employability, innovation, inclusiveness, and facilities in the QS World University Rankings (2020-2022).
  • Proven Career Outcomes: Employers and other educational institutions throughout the world value and seek out the qualifications you'll get here.

Things to know about AUT, New Zealand’s hybrid model

AUT continues to provide online courses for international students now offshore who are unable to study on-campus due to border restrictions caused by COVID-19 since the New Zealand border remains closed. You have the option of either completing the entire course online or opting for the online to on-campus programme.

  • Global recognition: The courses are internationally recognized and all you need is an internet and a cam.
  • Integrated Learning: Interactive sessions and an engaging environment.
  • Complete Support: Guidance and assistance at every step from a dedicated faculty.
  • Specially-curated Curriculum: The modules and classes have been designed specifically for online students. 
  • Flexible Study Options: Attend live classes or you may listen to the recordings later.
  • Easy Management of Tests:  Assessments are online via coursework submissions. 
  • Extensive Network: Benefit from excellent networking opportunities with the professors, industry experts, and other international students. 
  • PSWV**: Post Study Work Visa (PSWV) is your pass to the global job market.

Top courses in this hybrid model

A wide range of both undergraduate and graduate courses are available. A few of the popular courses are:

Popular Bachelor Programmes

  • Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
  • Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Minimum entry requirements includes#: University Entrance or equivalent and English language requirements. 

Popular Postgraduate Programmes

  • Master of Analytics
  • Master of Computer and Information Sciences
  • Master of Supply Chain Management  
  • Master of Global Business  
  • Master of Professional Accounting 

Minimum entry requirements includes#: A bachelor’s degree with a B- grade average or higher in courses at level 7 or equivalent and English language requirements. 

The above-stated lists are of the on-demand courses only. For more information on other courses get in touch with AJV Global.

Transitioning to campus study

If you want to study in New Zealand, don’t wait for the borders to open. Apply for the online to on-campus study programme. You can join us on any of our three campuses in New Zealand once travel restrictions have been waived and you have received your student visa. You'll be ready to enjoy life on campus with the information you've gained and the relationships you've already made.

How to enroll for the AUT-Online to On-campus Programme?

We did get a lot of queries sharing apprehensions about online learning. You might be having doubts like “How credible is the course?” ”Will I be eligible for the Post Study Work Visa?” Speak to the study experts at AJV Global. They are an ENZ-recognized award-winning education and migration company with a high success rate of admission and visa approvals. They will provide you with all the required information and clarify your doubts too. From shortlisting your course based on your interests to securing the offer letter with us, AJV Global will help you out.
You can contact them online, by phone, or by email.

*NZQA stands for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. It is the New Zealand government Crown entity tasked with administering educational assessment and qualifications. 
**The on-campus study requirement for a level 7 and above qualification is 30 weeks and for levels 4-6 it’s 60 weeks to be eligible for a Post Study Work Visa.
#Every course will have its distinct entry requirements. Consult AJV Global to know more

Partner / Author: AUT New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology is the 2nd-largest university in New Zealand. We're one of the world's best modern universities and among the top 1% of universities in the world. A place of learning for 120 years, we've been a university since 2000.

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