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Skills in Demand in Canada 2022

by AJV Global
Published on: 12/Apr/2022
We'll look at some of the most in-demand skills in Canada to steer your international career in the right direction.


The long-term effects of Covid-19 on the Canadian economy and labor have resulted in certain irreversible consequences. However, the Canadian government has been focusing on getting Canadian businesses up and running again since last year.

"Adaptability, efficiency and responsiveness are the key themes that will permeate throughout 2022 and will be important for organizations to adopt if they want to stand out from their competitors and retain their competing edge", said Patrick Poulin, Group President, Randstad Canada. "Again, this year, we anticipate that the job seekers will be spoilt for choice if they have the skills so sought after by employers".

The Most In-Demand Skills for 2022

  1. Customer service 
  2. Budgeting
  3. Scheduling 
  4. Project management
  5. Sales   
  6. Quality control
  7. Cleaning 
  8. Administrative support 
  9. Repair
  10. Accounting

While retail workers and cashiers were in high demand last year, businesses today place a greater emphasis on customer service than ever before. As a result, in 2022, job seekers with customer service and administrative support abilities will have no trouble obtaining work. Due to the necessity for organizations to address safety and wellness considerations, scheduling is a new function added to this year's list. Companies are looking to sophisticated scheduling software and other solutions to maintain an even, the distant flow of employees while also serving everyone in order to comply with health standards and ensure a safe work environment.

The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

  1. Computer Software Engineer

The average salary for a Software Engineer (NOC 2173) in Canada is C$78407.

  1. Business Development

The average salary for a Business Development Manager (NOC 4163)in Canada is C$69817.

  1. Financial Controller 

The average salary for a Financial Controller (NOC 0111) in Canada is C$82408.

  1. Cloud Architect

The average salary for a Cloud Solutions Architect (NOC 2171) in Canada is C$116398. 

  1. Manufacturing Manager

The average salary for a Manufacturing Manager (NOC 0911)  in Canada is C$91576.

  1. IT Operations Manager

The national average salary for an IT Operations Manager (NOC 0213)  is $100,904 in Canada.

  1. Applications Programming Manager

The average salary for an Applications Systems and Program Manager (NOC 2011)  in Canada is C$90086. 

  1. Electrical Engineer

The average salary for an Electrical Engineer (NOC 2011 - 2133) in Canada is C$71358. 

  1. Marketing Director

The average salary for a Marketing Director (NOC 0124)  in Canada is C$94610. 

  1. Construction Project Manager

The average salary for a Project Manager, Construction (NOC 0711) in Canada is C$74070

Canada is facing a general STEM shortage which often drives higher compensation for technical jobs like electrical engineering and management-focused jobs like a plant manager.

The Most In-Demand Soft Skills

  • People management
  • Adaptability
  • Time management
  • Persuasion
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration

Job markets are constantly changing, but the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated many of those shifts. As a result, businesses are looking for applicants that have both hard and soft talents. Economic forces, changing client and consumer preferences, highly competitive marketplaces, and regulatory constraints all contribute to the current transition.


Studying abroad is an important decision that requires a well-thought-out plan. Navigating what’s trending in the Canadian job market will help you understand how the workforce operates there. It will give you the direction to choose the right course. 


(Source: Randstad Canada, Payscale, Glassdoor)


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