The number of non-Irish nationals living in Ireland rose by approximately 31%, reaching a total of over 535,000 individuals.

Source: According to data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), between 2011 and 2016

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Why Ireland?

  • Overview

    Ireland, often referred to as the Emerald Isle, is a captivating country located in Northwestern Europe. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, Ireland offers a unique blend of ancient heritage and modern charm. From the rugged coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way to the serene beauty of its lush green countryside, Ireland's natural scenery is truly enchanting. The country is known for its warm and welcoming people, famous for their storytelling, music, and love for good craic (fun). Ireland's history is shaped by a complex tapestry of Celtic traditions, Viking invasions, and English influences, evident in its castles, ancient ruins, and medieval cities. Dublin, the capital, is a bustling cosmopolitan hub, home to historic landmarks, literary connections, and a vibrant nightlife. Beyond the cities, Ireland's quaint villages, such as Galway, Cork, and Killarney, offer a glimpse into traditional Irish life. Sports, particularly Gaelic football and hurling, hold a special place in Irish culture, and visitors can experience the fervor firsthand at lively matches. Overall, Ireland's captivating beauty, rich heritage, and friendly atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience.

  • Economy and Job Market

    Ireland's economy has experienced significant growth and transformation in recent decades, earning it the reputation of being one of Europe's economic success stories. The country has a diverse and robust economy that thrives on several key sectors. Ireland has attracted numerous multinational corporations, particularly in the technology, pharmaceuticals, and finance industries, thanks to its favorable business environment, skilled workforce, and competitive corporate tax rates. This has led to the creation of a vibrant job market, offering opportunities for both Irish citizens and international professionals. The technology sector, in particular, has flourished, with companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple establishing significant operations in Ireland. Additionally, Ireland's agricultural sector remains important, with the country known for its high-quality food and beverage exports, including dairy products and whiskey. The tourism industry also plays a vital role in the economy, drawing visitors to its cultural attractions and natural beauty. While Ireland's economy faced challenges during the global financial crisis, the country implemented necessary reforms and emerged as a resilient and dynamic economy. The job market reflects this resilience, with opportunities across various industries, encouraging both domestic and foreign talent to contribute to Ireland's continued economic growth.

  • Passport Power Rank

    With a passport power rank of 5, Ireland passport holders can enjoy visa-free access to 189 countries, meaning you can enter these countries without the need for a visa.