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At AJV Global, we understand that migrating to a new country can be a daunting experience. That's why we offer comprehensive onboarding and after arrival support to ensure a smooth transition and help migrants settle comfortably in their new home. This service is exclusive to AJV Global clients and their families in New Zealand and Canada.

  • Pre-departure

    We provide thorough pre-departure sessions comprehensive onboarding support for migrants, including pre-departure sessions covering travel details, housing, health, cultural integration, and practical tips.
    Our Onshore based team assists to prepare individuals to navigate their new environment with confidence.

  • Employment and Career Guidance

    We recognise the importance of securing suitable employment for migrants. Our onshore support includes job search and networking guidance. We provide career counselling to help them make informed decisions about their professional paths.

  • Ongoing Immigration Advice

    Our dedicated team of Registered and Licensed Advisers provide continuous and ongoing FREE immigration advice, guiding you towards your migration goals. Relax and focus on your aspirations while we navigate the journey for you.

  • Community Integration and Networking

    Building a supportive social network is crucial for migrants to feel a sense of belonging. We organise regular meet and greet events and networking opportunities to foster connections with other migrants and local residents. We also collaborate with community organisations to provide additional resources and support for migrants' integration.

  • Emotional Well-being and Counselling

    Adjusting to a new country can bring about emotional challenges. Our onboarding support includes access to counselling services and mental health resources to address any emotional concerns or stress that migrants may experience during the transition.