Malaysia is ranked the 5th safest country in the Asia Pacific

Source: Global Peace Index 2020

Malaysia Compressed

Why Malaysia?

  • Overview

    Study in Malaysia for affordable tuition fees, low living costs, and delicious food. English is widely spoken, and Malaysia is culturally diverse, offering rich experiences and festivals. Explore national parks, white sandy beaches, and islands with incredible wildlife. It's a safe and peaceful country with perfect tropical weather. Live independently and gain life skills while enjoying a leading education hub in Southeast Asia. Make lifelong friends and consider financial aid options like scholarships and grants.

  • Economy and Job Market

    Malaysia's economy is diverse, with a focus on manufacturing, services, and tourism. The country exports electronics, petroleum, and natural resources. It is working towards innovation and high value-added industries. Job opportunities exist in manufacturing, IT, finance, tourism, healthcare, and education sectors. Proficiency in English and Bahasa Malaysia is beneficial, and specific qualifications may be required. The job market can be competitive, but vocational training and technical education are prioritized. Researching and aligning skills with sector demand is advised. Networking and connections can be helpful in accessing job opportunities.

  • Top reasons to study in Malaysia

    1. Affordable Education
    2. Cultural Diversity
    3. English Proficiency
    4. High-Quality Education
    5. Safe and Peaceful Environment