United Kingdom

Britain saw net migration of 606,000 people in 2022.

Source: The Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Famous Tower Bridge in the evening, London, England

Why United Kingdom?

  • Overview

    The United Kingdom (UK) is a diverse and culturally rich country that offers numerous opportunities for migrants. With a thriving economy, renowned educational institutions, universal healthcare, and a multicultural society, the UK presents an attractive destination. Its rich history, iconic landmarks, and natural beauty make it an intriguing place to explore. The UK's strong transport infrastructure facilitates easy travel within the country and to neighboring European destinations. It is a land of captivating history, remarkable achievements, and a welcoming environment. Whether you're pursuing career opportunities, educational excellence, or simply seeking new experiences, the UK offers a rich tapestry of possibilities. Immerse yourself in its vibrant cultural scene, explore its stunning landscapes, and become part of the fabric of this extraordinary country.

  • Economy and Job Market

    The UK economy is robust and diverse, offering a wealth of opportunities in sectors such as finance, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and professional services. London, as a global financial hub, provides abundant career prospects in finance, banking, and consultancy. The country fosters a vibrant start-up culture, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. With a highly skilled workforce and renowned universities, the UK attracts international talent and offers a flexible labor market with various employment options. Job opportunities span across industries like technology, healthcare, creative arts, and engineering. The UK values work-life balance, ensuring fair treatment of employees and providing ample vacation time. While competition can be fierce, researching specific industries and leveraging networking opportunities can enhance job prospects in the UK.

  • Passport Power Rank

    With a passport power rank of 5, UK passport holders can enjoy visa-free access to 189 countries, meaning you can enter these countries without the need for a visa.