Finding the right candidate for the seat

At AJV Global's Job Connect Service, we understand that navigating the complexities of immigration and visa processes can be challenging. What sets us apart is our unique ability to provide immigration advice and our in-depth understanding of visa requirements, enabling us to offer comprehensive services to both the employer and the candidate. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in immigration regulations and visa requirements, allowing us to provide valuable guidance and support throughout the recruitment process.

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Job Search

Profile Check

Step 1:
Our evaluation process involves assessing their qualifications, skills, English proficiency, and experience to determine their eligibility for various roles in New Zealand. We prioritise filling crucial skill shortages in a range of occupations that are in high demand in New Zealand.

To achieve this, we work closely with recruitment partners to offer a select number of roles.

Step 2:
In a comprehensive and personalised paid consultation, a highly qualified and experienced Licensed Immigration Adviser will carefully evaluate an applicant's specific circumstances and assess their eligibility to meet the criteria for either an Accredited Employer Work Visa or a Resident Visa in New Zealand. The consultation will provide applicants with invaluable immigration advice for their future visas in New Zealand, including Permanent Residence, as well as visa options for their family members to accompany them.

The Licensed Immigration Adviser will explain the complex immigration processes involved, and provide guidance on the necessary documentation and steps required to successfully obtain the desired visa. The consultation will ensure that the applicant is fully informed and well-prepared to make informed decisions about their future in New Zealand.

Prep & Training

Step 3:
Upon sign-up, applicants are provided with detailed checklists and guidance to meet the prerequisites for their occupation. This may include qualification assessments through NZQA, occupational registration with the respective board/council, English proficiency tests, and criminal checks.

Step 4:
Our Job Connect Team offers training and support to help applicants apply for jobs on their own. We provide help in preparing CVs and cover letters, as well as guidance on networking through LinkedIn. Additionally, we collaborate with recruitment partners to offer a chance to secure high-demand roles.

We also prepare applicants with comprehensive interview training to help make the right impression and increase their chances of securing the job. We cover various aspects of the interview process, including effective communication, body language, answering challenging questions, and cultural differences, among others. With our interview training, clients can feel more confident and prepared to ace the interview and get the job of their dreams.

Job Application

Step 5:
After receiving our constant support and guidance, our well-prepared applicants are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently make job applications. We ensure that our applicants are fully prepared and equipped with the best practices, giving them the competitive edge they need to stand out from the crowd and secure a job.

Once our applicants have been selected for a job, our dedicated Job Connect Team goes the extra mile to provide support in preparing them for the interview. We ensure that they are fully equipped with the skills and confidence required to make a lasting impression on the hiring manager.

Step 6:
When a job offer is made to a client, it marks only the beginning of the process. Our team understands that obtaining a visa and complying with immigration policies can be complex and challenging. Therefore our Licensed Immigration Adviser conducts a thorough assessment of each Job Offer and employment agreements to ensure that it is suitable for obtaining a visa and meets all the necessary immigration requirements before accepting the same.

This process is crucial in ensuring that our clients have a smooth and successful immigration experience.

Visa & Moving

Step 7:
Our team of highly qualified and experienced Advisers are committed to walking our applicants through each stage of the application process, ensuring that they have all the necessary documents and that they are accurately completed and submitted.

With our guidance, applicants can rest easy knowing that their visa application is in capable hands, and we will do everything possible to assist in obtaining the visas they require.

Step 8:
We provide a one-of-a-kind pre-departure orientation program to guarantee a smooth migration experience for our clients and their families. The program includes essential information on travel recommendations, cultural norms, customs, healthcare, housing, and transportation in New Zealand. Additionally, during this session, clients can discuss any other requirements, such as financial asset relocation, comprehensive insurance, and moving services, to make their family's transition to New Zealand as comfortable as possible.

When new migrants arrive in New Zealand, our Onshore Support Team will be there to assist them with a variety of services to help them settle into their new environment. Our team can provide expert advice on how to rent a property, purchase a car, open bank accounts, apply for a tax number, choose a school, driver's license conversions and other essential tasks that new migrants may need to complete. We understand that moving to a new country can be a daunting experience, which is why we are here to provide our clients with the support they need to make their transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.